iPhone 5s Looks Super Ridiculous in Superman Panties

41NSFZNa7vLMove over, earphone jack inserts. Your reign as most impractical smartphone accessory is, at long last, at an end. All hail your new liege – smartphone underwear.

And there are so, so many iSuperpants to choose from. Leopard print panties, superman briefs, and good old tidy whiteys – they’re all here, ready to block access to the home button and the Lightning port on your iPhone. Conventional wisdom says to leave those accessible, so you can use them, but we’re all about disrupting conventions here, right? Plus, you get the bonus of feeling dirty when you take your phone’s underpants off so you can actually use the Lightning port. That’s a bonus, right? I think that’s a bonus.


So, stop letting your iPhone run around naked and shameless, and get some protection on those private ports. All styles are on sale over on Amazon now for $8 apiece. That’s still more expensive than a lot of underpants for actual people, which is kind of a profound statement, if you think about it.

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