Monster M7 Tablet – Pretty Awesome for $99 [Review]

Monster, known more for the cables and headphones that connect devices than the devices themselves, threw their hat into the very crowded budget tablet ring earlier this year. The Monster M7 tablet, exclusive to Walmart.com, is the first tablet, and first computing device of any sort, from Monster, so there’s no history here to form any kind of expectations. What we do know is that there are a lot of quality options at low prices from other sources in the 7” tablet market, especially with Amazon’s Kindle Fire line seeing some incredibly low price tags. So, can the M7 hang? Shaq sure seems to think so, at least. Is Shaq a budding soothsayer of tech excellence?

The basic specs are what you might call the 2013 standard for budget tablets – a 1280 x 800 resolution display with a 1.5 GHz dual-core processor and 1 GB of RAM. You’ll also have 16 GB of storage, along with a 5 MP rear camera and a 2 MP front camera. The whole thing measures 7.9” x 5.01” x .38”, and weighs .79 pounds. The M7 feels a little heavier than others in the 7” class, but not overly so. For a handheld computing device, it’s still remarkably light and thin, even if it hasn’t gotten into the weight-shaving, millimeter-obsessed game of one-upsmanship that most of the other tablet manufacturers play. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are here (no 3G or LTE models), and there’s a 4,000 mAh battery inside. Monster promised about eight hours of battery life, and the M7 lived up to that more often than not during an average day of use.

The build feels sturdy, with a no-slip rubber-like grip on the back. Around the edges, there’s a microphone, a headphone port, a microSD card slot, a Micro USB port for charging and file transfers, and a Mini-HDMI port. You’ll also find a power button and a volume rocker – a small gripe is that these buttons are nearly flush with the body, so it’s easy to miss them or hit the wrong one when you’re in a hurry or fumbling around in the dark.

The M7 only runs Android 4.1 out of the box. There’s a firmware update that fixes some freezing problems that were prevalent during the initial release, but nothing in the way of an update to any of the later versions of Android. There are also some extra apps tacked on besides the standard Google suite, and, as befits Monster’s reputation for cables and headphones, they’re largely music based. Speakerfy helps you simultaneously stream your music on other devices, and Music Maker Jam is a simple mixing app. The Walmart app, along with a widget, is also here, due to the exclusive partnership. There are some other third party sound and photo editing apps thrown in, too. You can’t uninstall any of them, which is a little irksome if you don’t find them to your liking.

There’s also an introduction to the Monster Central PowerControl app. Did you know that Monster actually makes smart plugs that go between your home appliances and your outlets? Well now you do!  You can then use the Monster Control app on the tablet to control and monitor power going to those appliances, or turn them off or on remotely.

Audio is a high point for the M7, as you might expect. The tablet gets impressively loud for being a 7” device, and Time Correct Bluetooth and aptX codec tech work to make music streaming to portable speakers sound as good as possible.

The most disappointing part is the performance. Switching between apps tends to be slow and choppy, as is web browsing – browsing with multiple tabs is not advised. Interestingly, I seemed to get better performance out of the M7 when using Firefox as my browser, instead of Chrome. I also wasn’t able to get the front camera working for use with video calls. We’re hoping that a future firmware update will address the front camera issue.

The Monster M7 tablet is available only on Walmart.com for $150. It comes in eight different colors that match Monster’s line of N-Tune headphones. You can check out our full review of the N-Tune headphones here.


If we’re being honest here, the Monster M7 is probably more significant for its marketing value than for being a tablet. It’s a matching accessory for Monster’s N-Tune line of headphones, and it introduces and fits with Monster’s other products, like their speakers and smart plugs. An exclusive deal with Walmart helps push it into public consciousness, and maybe brand recognition does the rest. The point is, it’s not built to be a show-stopper of a tablet on its own.

That being said, the Monster M7 is quite the solid buy at its price point. The firmware update fixes the most grievous problems, leaving you with a 7” tablet with pretty good specs and decent, if sometimes flawed, performance. If you get one, at this price, you certainly won’t be disappointed in the long run. While I think you’d be hard-pressed to argue that this is the best buy in the 7”market for this price, Monster has done a really nice job with their first tablet, and it does offer a nice amount of value for the pricing. The fact that you can color coordinate it with their colorful N-Tune headphones is like icing on the cake.

Update: It seems that Walmart has dropped the price on the Monster M7 from $149 to just $99, making it pretty much a steal. At this price, it’s hard not to recommend the tablet for those looking for the most bang for their cheap buck.

Buy it!

The Good: Attractive price, available in a choice of 8 fun colors, matches N-Tune headphones, nothing to complain about when it comes to hard specs, pretty good build quality with nice finish and grip, great audio for a small tablet.

The Bad: Browser performance is choppy, switching between apps is a bit slow, only ships with Android 4.1 with no update in sight


  1. Happy Holidays buddy, I noticed your review of the m7 is the newest I could find online and I was wondering if you knew how to root the damn thing for better performance, because I have tried almost every rooting software and app I could find. You seem to have a lot of knowledge on tablets and I was wondering if you could help me out. I can’t find the adb drivers for this particular tablet and its just frustrating lol. So please help if you can. Also did you figure out anythig about the front camera for skype its dsgusting

  2. I haven’t been able to find anything, either. At $99, I can definitely see how it would be the ideal tablet to root, but nothing yet. Agree about the front camera. For me it almost seemed to be a processor problem, because the quality and performance was so bad and the camera is listed as a 2 MP.

  3. Let me tell you all about the Monster I bought..Bought 3..2 out of 3 had the part where the charger plugs into pushed in. The 3rd happened to it in just a few days

  4. I bought a monster m7 for my son for his birthday. 2 days later the entire charging port pulled out of the tablet. Monster replaced it with a new one at no charge. 2 1/2 weeks later and now this one has the charging port pushed in. I called walmart, they are giving me a full refund. Never again will I buy one.

  5. kingo root will root it and will alllow you the option to tweak it up a bit.I dont recommend getting wild on the cpu settings it wil crash from to much heat.

  6. The M7 is useless. After a week with this POS it’s going back. the
    screen images scroll off in both directions for no reason. Memory management is awful – always running out and I have very little running. Screen touch response is iffy – have to tap several times to get anything to work. Support is
    non-existent – they don’t answer the phone and don’t respond to email.

    Crappy functioning and no support. An unforgivable combination.

  7. dang maybe i shouldnt of bought this one and stuck with the nextbook 8 like my gf has for same price

  8. The price dropped from the original $150 to $100 to $90 to now $80. Wonder why? It’s junk. Specs – great. Build – sturdy. Actual performance – sucks.

    Horrible memory management – runs out of memory all the time. Touch screen – incredibly insensitive. Bluetooth aptx – sounds distorted. Support – non-existent (they don’t answer the phone or respond to emails ). And the only support is “send it in for repair”.

    Every for $80, not good deal.

  9. Does anyone know if it’s possible to open the physical tablet if I wanted to
    glue the usb port in place? I keep seeing tons of reports of the port
    being loose and coming out or getting push up inside the tablet
    rendering it useless…

    Also, the freezing issue was supposedly fixed with the firmware update…

    Oh, and it’s only $80 right now at Walmart.

  10. So opening it was fairly easy, but I don’t know what to do from there! Anyone find a guide to replace theUSB port..I noticed mine pushed in and tried to play around with the cord to find a sweet spot to get another charge an the whole port came out.


  12. I just bought 3 of these tablets for Christmas and the Charger port problem has NOT been fixed!! My daughters, pushed in on Christmas day the very first time she tried plugging hers in , and mine came right just last week.. I’m afraid that my son’s will come out or break too, I wont even let him attach it to the charger by himself. Also there was NO replacement Charger sent with the tablet.

  13. I had returned 2 because of the issue. When the price was dropped to $59.99 I bought 2 again. If you use another charger it works great. I have been using my camera one, been months and works fantastic.

  14. I have bought 3 tablets of the brand (Monster). After buying them, I received some power cord connections from the company and a statement that there is a DEFAULT in the power plugs.

    Later on, the 3 of them stopped charging and stopped working. Two of them was after the warranty period and I still have them not functioning.

    The third one was before the end of warranty and The company stated by email that it is their responsibility to fix and asked me to send it to them. It has been 5 MONTHS now since they received it and did not six it or even update me about anything about it. It is like they confiscate it. When I called them to inquire they said that the repair time takes 3 weeks and maximum 6 weeks.

    Be careful and think twice before you decide to throw your money to buy this tablet or deal with this company.

    COMPANY!!! I purchased this tablet for my son as a Christmas gift in 2013 and a
    month later the charger port came out when trying to uplug the charger. I sent
    the tablet back and received a new one in its place a couple of months later.
    The new tablet they sent me stopped charging after just a few months of
    use. I sent that one back in October of
    2014 and HAVE YET to receive my replacement tablet. Every time I call for an
    update I get an answering service telling me to leave a message and someone
    will return my call within 48 hours. They do call back but never have an update
    on when i’m going to get my tablet back. They keep saying its still being
    tested…how long does it take to test a charger port??? You plug it in and
    either it charges or it doesn’t…Either way, the product is defective and its
    still under warranty so they should just replace it. I really don’t even want
    another one but I can’t get my money back apparently so getting another tablet
    seems to be my only option. Its been almost 6 months now and I still have not
    received anything. I’ve been reading reviews and am appalled at the number of
    complaints that are being made about the same exact issue yet these tablets are
    still being sold. I only wish I had done more research before purchasing this
    tablet and want to give consumers the heads up I wish I had gotten.