ThinkSound On1 Monitor Series Headphone Review

Rich, that’s how we would describe the new on-ear headphones by ThinkSound. Like ThinkSound’s in-ear headphones, the On1 Supra-Aural Monitor Series headphones are incredibly rich in detail and their real wood housing delivers on both a natural look and a natural sound.

We’ve sworn by every pair of ThinkSound earbuds we’ve reviewed to date. They all sound great, look great, and are well built. This is ThinkSound’s first appearance to the On-Ear headphone market. As with all headphones, we have to nitpick a bit, but ThinkSound pretty much nailed it with the On1 Monitor On-Ears.

People are quick to notice ThinkSound’s premium appearance. The earcups, in particular, are beautiful. They’re hand-crafted out of natural wood and there’s a lot of detail in the woodgrain. The finish is smooth and glossy and there’s a “thinksound” logo etched into each earcup. The earpads are donut shaped and also quite luxurious—they’re leather and ultra-soft. The rest of the build doesn’t look or feel nearly as premium. It’s plasticky and doesn’t feel especially durable. On the bright side, the earcups swivel, pivot, and fold, so they’re great for portability. The plastic helps keep them lightweight and the fit is very comfortable.

There’s two cables included, and they’re great. They’re tangle-resistant and covered in black/grey braided fabric, they’re even kevlar reinforced. One cable is for smartphone use and has an inline ControlTalk button with a microphone. The universal button allows you to control music, phone calls, and voice activation like Siri. The button is very easy to push when you want to. There’s no volume buttons. The other cable is for complete compatibility with any music playing device.

“Rich” is the best way to describe the On1’s audio. There’s an incredible amount of detail in the audio and a very natural reproduction. There’s large 40mm speaker drivers that are enhanced for “more accurate sound production and a larger sound stage”. The sound stage is incredible. It’s a bit heavier on the bass, but enjoyably so.

There’s certain genres of music that will have you bowing down to the On1’s swearing they’re the best headphones you’ve ever heard. Most anything acoustic or with a lot of instruments will really impress. The vocals sit right in front of the stage, and each instrument stands out with noticeable detail. The better the recording the more amazing your audio experience will be.

It’s hard to top the On1’s in terms of sound and style. There’s also some really convenient features: the build is sweat resistant, the cable is tangle resistant, you can make/take calls or control music with the inline ControlTalk, they fold up for travel, and the comfy leather earcups provide passive noise isolation. There’s even a cotton carrying pouch included for travel. Unlike other wooden headphones, Thinksound’s wood actually plays into the phenomenal music reproduction and natural resonance. The ThinkSound On1 On-Ear Headphones are currently available from ThinkSound.com or Amazon.com. This is definitely pricey, and we wish the headband would be a little more premium for the price, but once you get these on your head you’ll have no regrets.

Buy it!

The Good: Beautiful design, Sound phenomenal, Wood housing adds natural audio resonance, Two tangle-resistant cables included, Built-in ControlTalk + microphone, Collapsable for travel, Sweat resistant, Includes carrying case, Comfortable, ThinkSound focuses on minimizing environmental impact with headphone production
The Bad: Headband is plasticky and less premium, Cushion on headband was quick to attract lint, Expensive