World’s Most Awesome Shoebox is also a Spaceship

It’s not everyday that we get blown away by a creative marketing ploy, but the latest package to arrive on our doorstep is pretty much beyond awesome. Brooks, best knows for their running shoes, has really outdone themselves here when it comes to creative packaging and marketing. To that effect, they shipped us a box with a spaceship inside. Designed to look like a Spaceship, the shoebox also sports an LCD panel that plays a video recorded message from outer space. The message tells a tale of how these sneakers traveled to us from the future, and that they are comprised of futuristic technology, the likes of which we have never seen before.

So why the hoopla? Brooks is unveiling their latest running shoe; the Transcend, which is set to debut in February 2014. Brooks promises that the Transcends will be the running/walking shoe to beat next year with their contoured soles and cushioning. Oh, and there is even a QR code on the insole of the actual shoe!

But shoes aside, the presentation alone has our interests piqued. To that effect, this “cushioned shoe-pod” is not only designed in the form of a spaceship, but there are LED lights inside the box for mood lighting for when you unveil the Transcends. Now this is how you land on earth!

Check out the insta-video below of the box in action.