6 Reasons Why the Toshiba Portégé Detachable is the Ultimate Business Device

Computing at work has come a long way. The days of desktops and virtual machines tied down to central servers are waning, as the workforce becomes increasingly mobile, half by preference and half by necessity. That was part of the philosophy behind Windows 8 – an operating system that could offer a powerful PC experience and a fluid mobile experience, all in one device. It’s why hybrid devices have become so popular.

One of the best new hybrid devices might just be the Toshiba Portégé. Great hybrids can be found anywhere, but it’s a little rarer to find one that checks all the boxes when it comes to the business world. Does Toshiba’s hybrid make the grade? Sure seems that way, thanks to a spate of features that will make managers and employees alike soundly content.

1. Portability

One of the most obvious changes in the business world is mobility. Yeah, we still have some people glued to their chair, staring at a screen for eight hours, but for more and more employees (and managers), that’s just not the case anymore. Portable computing has opened up brand new avenues for collaboration, and once those avenues have been opened, they can’t be ignored. So, you’re going to need to move away from a bulky PC tied down to a desk. The Toshiba Portégé is an 11.6” laptop that weighs just 3.19 pounds as an ultrabook and 1.87 pounds as a tablet. It’s perfect for packing up and traveling on a moment’s notice, and the battery life, at over five hours, should keep you going until you can get back to base for a recharge.

2. Power

Sometimes, hybrid devices need to sacrifice specs to maintain slim profiles. Not so with the Toshiba Portégé, which runs on the very latest Intel core processors, all the way up to an i7, backed up by professional-grade Intel vPro technology. That speedy processor will be backed up by solid state storage for your hard drive – perfect for media professionals who need their computer’s storage to work as fast as they do. You can rest assured knowing that at your place of business, you won’t be dealing with hamstrung PCs – the Portégé has the guts of a high-end computer in a small package.

3. Security

This is what makes or breaks any potential business-friendly machine, and is where a lot of hybrids fall short. Where many hybrids on the market ignore the business community, the Toshiba Portégé steps up by offering a TPM and fingerprint reader. Data security is a big secure for businesses. Having machines with cutting-edge physical security features could save huge amounts of money in the future, and the Portégé is one of the few hybrids out there that can make that boast.

4. Versatility

Different jobs require different tools. That’s why the Toshiba Portégé is a hybrid – it can go from laptop to tablet and back again in no time flat. It’s perfect for those on the go – when in tablet mode, the display detaches from the keyboard completely, meaning you don’t need to carry around any unnecessary dead weight while you’re on site or on the go. You can just take only what you need, safe in the knowledge that you’ll have a high-powered Windows 8 machine either way.

5. Durability

Mobility ultimately increases the chance of accidental drops. No way of getting around it. But, you can mitigate the damage – the Toshiba Portégé does that by introducing a locking hinge mechanism. Not only will it hold your display in place firmly in laptop mode, you’ll be safe in knowing it will hold up to punishment down the road, without degrading over time and leaving you with a physically broken machine. And, for the coffee lovers, there’s a spill resistant keyboard, too.

6. ‘Port’ability

Any port you might need in the office is probably going to be found on the Toshiba Portégé. Around the edges, you’ll find a micro HDMI port, and HDMI port, RGB, LAN, and USB ports, along with an SD card slot and a USB 3.0 port. That will set you up to give great presentations anywhere, without having to haul around any extra equipment. All you need is one device – Toshiba Portégé, a true contender when it comes to hybrid devices in the business world.

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