Ellen DeGeneres Gets Jiggy Wit it as Golidlocks in Beats Music Super Bowl Commercial


First, Super Bowl commercials became a big deal. Then, they became such a big deal that we started getting trailers for Super Bowl commercials. And now, they’re so eagerly anticipated that they’re actually being leaked – well, alright, that one comes with a caveat.

Ellen DeGeneres filmed a Super Bowl spot for Beats Music, the new streaming music app from Beats that focuses on factoring in contextual information when creating playlists. Ellen went ahead and leaked the ad on her show, because it’s her birthday this week and she felt like it, which are two pretty unassailable reasons.


Ellen plays a music-hungry Goldilocks, who can’t quite find the right tunes in the house of the bears (who knew Papa Bear was a metal head?). Except this time, Baby Bear has grown up into Teen Bear, and is listening to some sort of electronic music, I’m not going to try to hazard a guess as to what subgenre it belongs to. Anyway, Goldilocks finds a pair of headphones hooked up to Beats Music, and all is right with the world, and there’s a dance party, and the Big Bad Wolf seems to have come over for some reason. Maybe the three bears and the Big Bad Wolf were always friends? I don’t know, the Big Bad Wolf doesn’t seem like a porridge guy.

Anyway, the minute-long ad will officially debut sometime during the Super Bowl this Sunday. Get your dancing shoes ready.

Via People

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