Incipio Cashwrap Case Brings NFC to the iPhone

4909A-3Incipio smartphone cases usually tend to be something more than just smartphone cases, and the Cashwrap Mobile Wallet Case is no exception. The case makes up for the fact that the iPhone still lacks NFC, packing in Isis Mobile Wallet to make your iPhone into a true touch-and-go payment device.

The hard case contains a DeviceFidelity microSD card that works with Isis Mobile Wallet to allow you to pay up wherever retailers accept NFC-based payments. Isis lets you put credit cards and some loyalty cards onto their system, so you can pay with one touch. There’s no direct option for tying your debit cards to Isis, but you can put on a prepaid card that takes money directly from your bank account, instead.

The Cashwrap Mobile Wallet Case is available as of today online for $70, and comes in black, pink, or grey. You’ll be able to find the cases in AT&T stores come January 31.