Incipio Lexington Case for iPad Mini with Retina – Review

Looking for a stylish, sophisticated case for your iPad Mini Retina? Then check out the Lexington Kickstand Folio case from Incipio. Like many of Incipio’s cases, this case is made out of a combination of their Plextonium, microsuede and Vegan (faux) leather. The rigid Plextonium used for the hard shell frame is sturdy with just enough flex to allow you to insert and remove your iPad without difficulty. The microsuede lining feels great to the touch and will certainly prevent scratches on your screen back. And finally the Vegan leather gives this case a classy look.

The case has cutaways for all the buttons and ports and none of them appear to be hindered in any way. However, something different here from the exact same case for the 1st gen iPad Mini, is that the cover does not include the magnet to allow for auto awake/sleep when opening or closing. There is also a small tab on the cover which keeps the case closed when inserted into the loop on the back. When opened and folded to the back, tabs like these can be an annoyance. This tab, however, can be fitted into the loop on the back when opened, thus keeping it out of the way allowing you to work or play without hinderance.To function as a kickstand, again the tab and loop is employed to lock the stand into place at a low or high angle.

Although the tab and loop design is great for keeping the cover firmly closed, it is not easy or quick to so. If you find yourself opening and closing your iPad often, this will quickly become a chore. Furthermore, this case will certainly hold up for a while, but it does not appear to be one that will endure heavy use, fortunately, for just $39.99, the case is priced reasonably. And the case can be found for as low as $35.00 on Amazon. Also, Incipio offers a one year warranty against defects.


The Lexington Kickstand Folio case from Incipio looks and feels great. It comes in four colors (Black, Charcoal, Red, Blue) and is available for $35 form Incipio.

Buy it!

The Good: Slim design that offers ample protection. Professional look and nice color choices. Priced affordably.

The Bad: Closing tab can be an annoyance. No auto on/off magnet in cover. May not hold up under heavy use.

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  1. I just need to invest in one of those really… had a iPhad for Christmass and this case looks great and sophisticated indeed… one thing i am wondering about is where it come from when you buy it, bought one on Amazon for my son and it took almost a month to get it, does it come from Japan? don’t like waiting that long!

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