Lenovo Beacon Aims to Replace Your Dropbox Account [Video]

Lenovo is getting in on that personal cloud storage business in a big way – with a storage device that can hold up to 6 TB of data.

The Lenovo Beacon is a personal storage device, the likes of which we’ve seen many times in the past couple years, especially with storage getting cheaper and cheaper. The Beacon, rather than being a mobile storage device, stays at home and connected to your home’s Internet service.

You can upload files over a USB connection or using a WiFi or 3G/4G/LTE connection, from mobile devices, PCs, or televisions. It doesn’t just work locally, though – you can still upload new files and access stored files from anywhere, using an app. You can even set your camera or mobile device to upload new photos and videos to Beacon automatically. Another app lets you use a mobile device as a remote control, choosing content stored on Beacon to play on the television. Streaming stays smooth thanks to an Intel Atom dual-core processor.

The Lenovo Beacon will be coming this April, and will start at $200.

One Comment

  1. At 6TB I’d say this is even more appealing to the small to medium enterprises.

    Does Lenovo backup your data at a cloud server as well? Because if they don’t, the Beacon’s another advantage over DropBox/Google Drive is dodging NSA spying too.