News Republic App Figures Out What You Want to Read


News Republic, a popular mobile app for reading news stories, just got smarter. Their latest update brings several new features which are designed to offer a more sophisticated and personalized experience for the user, the likes of which no other mobile news app currently has to offer. That is because the app is able to learn about the user’s reading habits.

This is all made possible due to the app’s new Smart News Recommendation feature that offers users a personalized news profile that gets smarter about readers’ topics as they read. So in other words, the app adapts to the reader’s taste by learning which subjects and keywords interests the user the most. The result is an experience that is tailored to the readers’ tastes, without them having to tweak any tedious app settings. All the while, readers can be rest assured that their reading data will be kept private and not shared.

Lets face it, there are a lot of news aggregation apps out there, and many of them are quite elegant to use with pretty interfaces, so that isn’t enough to stay ahead. However, News Republic’s new Smart News Recommendations offers something unique, by addressing readers and keep them engaged – all with minimal effort on their part.

Other new features for News Republic includes “One Feed” which offers breaking news on the users’ own personal topics of interest , and a new enhanced layout and design, as well as improved social media sharing features.

All of these new additions join News Republic’s other features which have made the app such a success, such as offline access, and extremely customizable news alerts.

News Republic 4.0 is available to download today for free for Android smartphones and tablets, and it will be available for iPad in a few weeks. The app will continue to be available in eight different editions including English (US, UK, and International English versions), French, Italian, German, Spanish, and Latin America.


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