Pure-Gear FabFolio Wallet Case for iPhone 5/5S Review

Built-in covers on iPhone cases aren’t for everyone. It’s also a tough thing for a case manufacturer to get right. But, with the right case, like the Pure-Gear FabFolio, there’s some real advantages that may have you reconsidering your case.

With the Pure-Gear FabFolio, your iPhone experiences true protection. Your phone is covered on all sides and is just as safe inside your bag or pocketbook as it is from small drops. On the inside of the portfolio case are card sots and a pocket so you can use it a lightweight wallet. There’s a magnetic flap that keeps the folio case closed. The FabFolio also doubles as a kickstand for your iPhone. You can easily prop it up in landscape mode, it’s great for FaceTime.

In its closed state you still have access to all of your iPhone ports and the lock button. You can still talk on the phone regularly, but you do lose access to the volume buttons. There’s a cutout on the back for your camera, so pictures are unaffected.

The Pure-Gear FabFolio is available for iPhone 5/5S and also iPhone 4/4S. It’s a neat looking case and is available in two finishes. There’s oatmeal, which is tan and brown, and very soft/comfortable. Then there’s denim, which is blue and black. It’s very practical and comes with a very affordable price tag, as little as $18.74 from Amazon.com. Really, the only gripe we had with it is it doesn’t slide in and out of tight pockets so easily.

Buy it!

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  1. With this case, you still have to open it to answer and then fold it back. you also have to fold money to store in wallet. It does not hold very many cards. The ibillfold2 CCCase is more functional along with the matching wallet.