Shapify Uses Kinect to Create a 3D Selfie

model4Look, nothing’s done more for self-love in the 21st century than the selfie. We know this. But the selfie is just so flat. We have 3DTVs. We have 3D printers. In the realm of looking at ourselves, frankly, we can do better.

Presenting Shapify.me, a new service you can use order a 1/20 scale miniature figurine of yourself. Those with Microsoft Kinect for Windows (and Mac users, soon) will be able to use the Kinect’s 3D scanning technology to upload a scan of themselves to Shapify.me. The team will 3D print your plastic figurine and send it to you with free shipping. The figurine can be in color or white, if you want to paint it yourself.

Clearly, this is going to be the future of the family photo in the living room. The frame will be banished, and little figurines will rule the day. Grandma will surely get her own set. But, hopefully Shapify.me starts doing package deals before then – for now, each figure is pretty pricey, at $59 each.