The Slap Bracelet Now Comes with a Built-in Stylus

A stylus? Sure. The ’90s? Absolutely. The Slap Stylus hits all the right notes.

You remember slap bracelets, surely. So, you’ll know that, despite appearances, the Slap Stylus is totally going to maintain its integrity when it’s elongated. Better yet, these are made of silicone, not the metal of the ’90s that occasionally resulted in horrifying accidents. So, if you were the victim of a horrifying slap bracelet incident in the ’90s, hopefully you’ve had enough time for the aversion to subside, because these look pretty cool.


You can get a large, 7” bracelet in orange, black, dark blue, light blue, or grey for $15, or a pack of two small, 6.7” bracelets in four different color combinations for $25. They all come with five extra silicone stylus tips, as well.