Tylt Band Lightning Car Charger Will Become an Instant Fave


Tylt’s full of quirky and colorful mobile accessories. A new favorite is their Lightning Cable Band Car Charger. It’s an accessory you can proudly show off in your car. It can charge two devices at once, and fast too!

The Tylt Band Car Charger is a flat ribbon cable, two feet in length. It rocks a bright and rubbery cable that won’t fray or tangle. It plugs directly into the car’s DC outlet and then straight into your iOS lightning device. There’s two beautiful highlights of the Band. Firstly, it has an extra USB port so you can plug in any USB cable, be it extra lightning cable, Micro-USB cable, 30 pin iOS cable, you name it. Secondly, its output is 2.1 Amps (5V) so you can even charge your devices as fast as possible! It will even charge your tablet as if you were plugged into the wall.

Screen Shot 2014-01-18 at 2.50.50 PM

As you can see in the pictures, Tylt’s Band Car Charger is built in a few ultra-bright colors, green, red, blue, and then a more basic black. The exterior is made of an ultra-soft silicone. We used the 30-pin version for over a year and can vouch that it will withstand the test of time.


Tylt’s Band Car Charger is available as a lightning cable, Apple 30-pin, or Micro-USB cable. The lightning variety is a little pricier at $49.99 (booo Apple licensing), but it has proven itself reliable and fantastic. It’s currently available from shop.tylt.com or amazon.com.


If you’re just looking for a wacky colored lightning USB cable that is sturdy and reliable, Tylt also makes a short one foot, tangle-free, flat ribbon cable in the same 4 colors. The Tylt Syncable looks very similar to the Band, but it’s a bit stiffer, and arguably even more durable. It’s a nice cable to throw in your backpack since it’s short and doesn’t tangle. You can score the Tylt Syncable on Amazon for as low as $21.99



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