This No. 2 Pencil is Actually a Stylus – Review

When it comes to choosing a stylus there are dozens and dozens of choices for you. But none will feel as nostalgic as the No. 2 Pencil Stylus from Griffin. How many of us have fond memories from our school days, and that trusty No. 2 pencil that was always in our hand.

From the moment we first picked up the No. 2 Pencil Stylus we loved it. Many other styluses are too short and difficult to hold, like a pencil that has been sharpened too many times. Not so with the No. 2 Stylus, it feels natural, just like using a real pencil. As a stylus it works great, and writes smoothy on the screen. The tip is a bit smaller than many other styluses and It is solidly made, I would expect the tip to last a long time.


The No. 2 Pencil is a fun stylus to use, and it’s even practical. We were surprised at how many comments we got from others asking, “What kind of stylus is that?” So if you are looking for some nostalgia or just want a cool, unique stylus, order one today, you won’t regret it. You can pick one up for $19.99 with free shipping from Amazon.

Buy it!

The Good: Feels like a real pencil. Longer than most styluses. Affordable.

The Bad: None.