Beats Pill XL Review: The Doctor Delivers a Bigger Dosage of Sound

If you thought the Beats Pill was good, but perhaps not big enough on sound, here comes the Beats Pill XL. The Beats Pill XL delivers an extra dosage of power in a significantly larger body, but still maintains its original pill inspired shape, while making it a must have at any party.

But if you already have the smaller Beats Pill, why would you want to spend the extra dough on the Beats XL? Well, because it is an entirely different audio experience. While the Beats Pill is appropriate for whipping out on your desk, or slipping into your bag as your own personal speaker, it won’t fill a big room with music or a get a party hopping like the Beats XL can. Furthermore, the Beats Pill XL will work even better when paired with another Beats Pills XL, turning the entire listening experience into a surround sound stereo system.

The capsule design of the Beats Pill XL allows the speaker to perch on any surface, much like the Beats Pill. But besides for the size of the speaker, the Beats Pill XL has another feature that the little Pill lacks, which is a handle for easy portability. So while the small Pill can be grabbed and taken anywhere, the XL has a super convenient handle. There is even a strap accessory that can be purchased separately to transform the XL into a kind of boom-box.

All of the controls for the XL are on the backside, which can grow tiring to have to get to, since there is no remote for the XL. If you want to raise the volume louder than your media device allows, you’ll find yourself fumbling around back there. The same goes for the power button and monitoring how much battery there is left with the fuel gauge indicator. Speaking of the battery, if your phone or external media device can be charged via a USB cable, the Beats Pill XL will charge up those devices as well. A speaker and a battery charger all in one…. that is pretty sweet!

The Beats Pill XL comes with an AC adapter, which means the party can keep going and going if you decide not to go it alone on just the battery, which lasts about 15 hours.

When it comes to the audio experience, once again, Beats is taking the high road, literally – by making mids and highs the soul focal point of their newest additions. In particular, the Beats Pill XL really shines at high volumes, and that is when you unleash what this speaker can do. So if you have no intention of turning the volume to way up – then stick with the smaller Beats Pill. Only until we turned up the volume, did we experience the full body and power of this speaker. In the beginning, when we had it at lower volumes, we weren’t all that impressed, but once the drivers warmed up and we pushed the volume way up – did we really get that big Beats sound.

That said, the Beats Pill XL isn’t very strong when it comes to bass, but the crispness of the vocals and mids shine through. And even on louder volumes, the music doesn’t get distorted. Furthermore, the design of the Beats Pill XL really allows the music to fill the room, and positioning it well, is key to really take advantage of that.


I wasn’t sure what to expect with the Beats Pill XL, as much as I thought the Beats Pill was adorable, how was the Beats Pill XL going to wedge its way in between the smaller Pill and the Beatbox Portable? Well the Beats Pill XL has managed to wrestle its way into the speaker family just fine, by satisfying the need of consumers who want a portable audio experience that is even more powerful than the Pill. Furthermore, the Beats Pill XL is pretty much a future-proof speaker with its built-in NFC technology, 15 hour battery life, carrying handle, external charging capabilities, and ability to pair with another Beats Pill XL to transform in a powerful surround sound speaker system.

We think that many will want to up their dosage for the Beats Pill XL. The XL is currently only available in black, and retails for $299.95 which is actually a pretty competitive price given the brand and quality of the speaker.

The Good: Once again – the pill capsule design is back and looks even better larger. NFC support. 15 hour battery life. Convenient carrying handle. You can charge your devices from the Beats Pill XL. Sound fills a room well. Great sonics with strong mids and highs. Does well with all genres. No distortion at loud volumes. And at higher volumes, the Beats Pill XL really shines.

The Bad: Takes several hours to warm up the speaker drivers. Only one color available so far.

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