Thanks to Buzz Launcher, Your Android Start Screen Never Looked This Good


One of the big advantages of Android has always been how customizable it is – that’s what open source gets you. Buzz Launcher is here to make the possibilities of customization much easier and more accessible for those who aren’t too keyed in to the ins and outs of the operating system.

With Android, you can install your own themes, icons, widgets, wallpapers, and transition effects. But, all of those often come from multiple apps, and it can be tough to find a set that meshes together well. With Buzz Launcher, you can browse around for an entire custom home screen – icons, widgets, and everything else are customized to fit one unified theme. You can look at what others have created, tweak what you find available, and create and share your own home screens, too. Once you’ve selected your new theme, all it takes is one touch and a few seconds to make it appear.

Buzz Launcher is available now for free on Google Play.