Dyson is Investing in Robotics, Rosie Jetson Coming Soon

screenshot_1947Enough messing around – Dyson wants to get started on bringing Rosie the robot to the real world, and they’re investing some serious cash to do it.

The vacuum factory is pouring £5 million to build a robotics lab along with Imperial College London, which will initially have space for 15 scientists and researchers. But, we’re not talking Roombas here. Dyson isn’t keen on making bots that run set programmed routes with collision detection. They want to bring on the age of the thinking robot, one that can dynamically react to changing conditions – possibly even a robot who starts cleaning without needing to be told. Beats teenagers.

The research coming out of the lab will focus on increasing robots’ capacity for vision, making it possible for future robotic creations to view and analyze a given area in ways more similar to a human. And this isn’t the sum total of Dyson’s efforts – they’ve invested many millions more into purely in-house R&D, and are set to invest an additional £250 million into the company’s research center, which would involve taking on thousands of new researchers. Turns out Dyson’s not late to the robot vacuum game – they were just biding their time until they were ready to make a proper entrance.