Felix HandHold and CrossWay iPhone 5S Cases Review

Felix has come out with two of the most adorable and clever iPhone 5S cases we have come across to date, and that is no simple feet at all. First there is the CrossWay, which sports a somewhat dizzying but clever zig zag pattern on the backside of your iPhone. Then there is the HandHold (seen in the gallery above) which makes it seem like there is a hand gripping the back of your iPhone. Both designs are not just cute, but they are extra clever, since they allow you to show off the backside of your iPhone with its Apple logo. After all, what is the point of having a gold iPhone if you can’t show off its gold backside?

Both cases sport a bumper like frame that offers plenty of front facing protection, as well as solid protection from drops and bumps. The cases are also quite slender, sleek and lightweight. But it gets better! Not only are these designs clever, but they double as wallets too! Both the HandHold and CrossWay are wallet cases, and the CrossWay is actually the world’s thinnest wallet case. There are plenty of other iPhone wallet cases out there, but they all tend too be super bulky. These cases on the other hand, manage to stay super slim. The only catch here is that they only have enough room to stash one credit card and one bill at a time – or 2 cards at a time, but we think that that is a fair trade off for their super slim design.

The HandHold case snaps onto the iPhone easily and is made of two pieces that lock together. The bottom piece is easy to take off and snap back on. This is important since the case doesn’t fit on some lightning docks. Similarly, the CrossWay, also has trouble fitting on some lightning docks and lightning cables, but it’s a one piece case, so the whole case will have to be removed each time you need to dock it.

Despite some minor annoyances, Felix’s HandHold Case and CrossWay cases are two of our favorite iPhone 5 / iPhone 5S cases. They are protective, yet fun and even practical. So go ahead and show off that gold backside. Both the HandHold Case and Crossway case from Felix retail for $29.99.

The Good: Affordable, slim design is still very protective, clever designs lets the iPhone’s backside show through, also serves as a wallet case, available in several color combinations

The Bad: The white colored HandHold case gets dirty very quickly – so steer clear of the white color combination, both cases have trouble fitting on many lightning docks and cables.