Hipster Pillow is Too Cool for Your Drool

almofada-hipster-2I guess they couldn’t fit the beer or cigarettes anywhere on there, but the Hipster Pillow does more than enough to hold it down when it comes to hipster interior design.

The Hipster Pillow, inexplicably pictured with other, mainstream pillows that it should never be caught dead with, is all the plaid and oversized sunglasses your couch can handle. There also appear to be buttons on the front of the pillow, which doesn’t seem very practical, but then again, when was hipsterism ever known for practicality? Riding a fixed-gear bike with skinny jeans, case in point.

Anyway, if you’re a proud hipster, or are ironically acting like you’re a hipster, or whatever, you can buy the Hipster Pillow from Meninos for the not-at-all mainstream price of $22.90.