Impossible Tempered Glass Protector for iPhone 5/5S/5C Review

Unfortunately, screen protectors are still pretty essential to your iPhone’s protection and durability. Until we get shatterproof and scratch proof screens, it’s recommended you invest in a screen protector. There’s zillions of screen protectors out there, and we happened to find one that stands out from the crowd.

iPhone was one of the first phones to invest in a glass screen. Glass has many advantages over plastic, most notably it doesn’t scuff, it doesn’t scratch as easily, and it feels silky smooth. Why ruin that with a plastic screen protector that looks bad and feels bad? That’s why we love the Colorant ITG Pro, the “Impossible Tempered Glass”, screen protector.

ITG’ s iPhone 5s Tempered Glass is the closest you’ll get to forgetting that you’re using a screen protector. It’s a bit thicker than your average screen protector, but it feels like you’re using nothing at all. The glass ITG feels silky smooth, just like your iPhone’s screen. There’s no rainbow effect or cloudy view; your retina display still looks like a retina display. It handles fingerprints and smudges about the same as your iPhone does, and it’s really hard to scratch.

The ITG Pro is .33mm of top grade glass. It’s “9H” surface hardness, which makes it nearly scratch proof. It has an oleophobic coating which is supposed to prevent finger prints, but iPhone has one of those coatings and fingerprints will always happen.

Application is easily the worst part of any screen protector, luckily the ITG Pro is also bubble-resistant. As long as you get off all the dust you’ll have no issues. Any bubbles after application should work themselves out on their own. It comes with a sticker to remove all the dust on your screen prior to applying, and also an alcohol swab and cleaning cloth. As a bonus, the ITG Pro also comes with a really suave looking aluminum button. If you have a 5S you may not want to give up your fingerprint sensor, but someone with an 5C, iPad, or older iPhone would probably love to use it.

The ITG Pro, by Colorant, is $34 from Amazon. While it’s expensive, it is definitely a worthy purchase to protect your expensive Apple phone.

Buy it!