Lenovo Yoga Tablet Gets Revamped with Better Display and DOit Apps

One of our biggest issues with the Lenovo Yoga Tablet was its display – we wanted it to be higher res, brighter and more vivid. Well it looks like Lenovo was listening, because they have announced the Lenovo Yoga Tablet 10 HD+. This updated tablet still sports the same unique design as its predecessor – with three unique modes  – hold mode for reading, stand mode for viewing and tilt mode for gaming. But it is now packing a 10.1” 1920 x 1080p full HD display with wide viewing angles. The display is also a Smart Display, so that the tablet automatically adjusts the images and text on the screen to the ambient light, which makes it gentler on users’ eyes in all its modes.

The tablet’s processor has also been upgraded to a Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 quad core processor and the device will still have an amazing 18 hour battery life.  But aside from the hardware, with the Yoga Tablet 10 HD+, Lenovo is also introducing a new suite of apps.

DOit Apps

Starting this year, Lenovo devices are going to be coming stocked with Lenovo’s own suite of productivity apps. The DOit suite of apps includes SHAREit, SECUREit, SYNCit, SNAPit, and SEEit. So, is this just Lenovo’s take on bloatware, or are there some gems to be found in the new offerings?

Turns out, there’s some compelling stuff here. On its face, SHAREit is just another app for sharing files with other devices around you. But, there are a couple bonuses here. If there are other people near you with the SHAREit app, your device will be able to detect them immediately. If not, that’s OK – you can use SHAREit to share files with any almost any device. Even better, wireless sharing doesn’t use data networks, Bluetooth, or nearby Wi-Fi networks – everything is handled by the device’s Wi-Fi radio, which means you get to avoid any of that transferred data counting against any data caps.


SECUREit is also a nice addition. It’s a full suite of anti-virus, anti-spam, and anti-malware software, with a few other additions. You can choose to put extra security on sensitive files, or encrypt certain calls or contacts. You can also have SECUREit block spam text messages and track data usage, so you know where you are in respect to any data caps you might have with your wireless provider. If your phone is stolen, the phone will lock down and require a password if someone tries to switch the SIM card. And, Lenovo threw in cleaning functionality that tackles redundant apps and cache buildup, too.

SYNCit will store contacts, SMS messages, and call logs in the cloud, in case you need to sync them to a new device. SNAPit and SEEit are camera apps – the former includes new photo modes like burst or panorama and allows for post-shot editing, while the latter is a gallery you can use to view, organize, and further edit photos.

The DOit apps will all come preloaded on future Lenovo devices, and are also available for free on Google Play. SHAREit will also be available for iOS and Windows 8.1 sometime this month.


Pricing for the Yoga Tablet 10 HD+ will be $349 and comes running Android 4.3. It will also now be available in a choice of silver or gold. Because everyone knows that gold is the new white!

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