Collaborate in Real Time with Minute iPad App for Meetings

screen480x480 (1) Minute is a brand new app launching in the United Kingdom, aimed at making meetings more useful for everyone. Supposedly, the app was inspired by the fact that over one-third of the population of the U.K. uses a tablet at least once per month, which is pretty incredible for a device category that more or less didn’t exist four years ago. That being said, I have a feeling they developed the app so that everyone could just join meetings from home when the weather is awful.

You can do that with Minute, among a lot of other things. Minute connects everyone involved in the meeting, and allows for real-time collaboration. You can have meeting minutes open for anyone to edit or add to. A lot of other services are integrated, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, Microsoft Exchange, Google Apps, Evernote, and Dropbox, meaning that everything from organizing the meeting to getting the word out to bringing up documents mid-meeting can all be handled through one app. Those documents can then be edited by anyone in the meeting.

As mentioned before, Minute allows for meeting attendance without physical presence. If you happen to have a display that supports AirPlay, you can stream the media feed onto the display, as well.

Minute is a pretty neat all-in-one app for all stages of the meeting, from planning to execution. The one drawback is that everyone’s going to need an iPad – as of now, Minute is only out for iOS.