NEX Band is a High Tech Pandora Bracelet

nexbandWe got an unexpected new entry into the world of wearable technology this week at the American International Toy Fair – the charm bracelet has jumped into the digital world. It’s called the NEX Band, and it’s a brand new way to bring you notifications.

The bracelet has room for five Mod charms, which connect over Bluetooth to your mobile device. See! It’s a Pandora bracelet, but for geeks. Each charm can be tied to a gaming app, social app, or anything that might give you a notification. When a notification does come in, that charm will light up. An API and an SDK for developers is being released, so you can expect more and more support for Mod charms as time goes on.

The bracelet itself is pretty refined – the charm bases can come in multiple materials, including chrome and gold, so you’re definitely not getting a cheap piece of wristwear. The smoked lenses on the charms make the bracelet look like a piece of jewelry, not a high-tech gadget that stands out more than it should. It seems to strike the right balance between fashion and tech – crucial if you want to sell any piece of wearable technology.

We still have a long time to wait for the NEX Band, though – it won’t become available until just before the holiday season this year.