Nomad ChargeKey Lightning Cable Keychain Review

Nomad’s ChargeKey isn’t just the most adorable lightning cable you’ll ever own, it’s quite possible the most essential. Considering the ChargeKey is a full functional lightning cable that lives on your keychain, it can be a real (iPhone) life saver.

The ChargeKey is a key-sized lightning cable that does everything Apple’s lightning cable can do. It can sync and charge your iPhone or iPad at full speed, and with high amp charging.

The ChargeKey’s build is pretty impressive. We’ve had charging keychains before and few outlive the test of time. We have high hopes for ChargeKey. The lightning plug is attached to a tough plastic bit with a keychain hole. The plastic covered USB plug is connected to a one inch thick rubberized arm. The resilient rubber gives ChargeKey some flexibility, which is essential for such a short cable.

Since the ChargeKey is so short, your best bet for charging iPhone or iPad is plugging it into a laptop and keeping it flat on the table. Alternatively, you can get creative with placement, and as a last resort you can even just have your iPhone hang from an outlet. There’s no guarantees with the hang, but it worked fine for us.

Pricing out at $25, the Nomad ChargeKey is a great buy. It does wonders for our peace of mind. Lightning cables are still sparse, but empty USB ports are easy enough to find. Nomad also makes a ChargeCard which fits in your wallet, if keys and keychains are not your thing. The Nomad ChargeKey Lightning Cable will soon be available from hellonomad.com (backordered until February 28).

Also, get this… You can barter for a free ChargeKey, or ChargeKeys. If Nomad likes your social media plug or stint they’ll send you a ChargeKey, free of charge.

The Good: Affordable, Handy/Convenient, Tough, iPhone life saver
The Bad: Not a lot of leeway in cable