SanDisk Crams 128 GB Onto New MicroSDXC Card

SanDisk is boasting that their new 128 GB microSDXC card has 1,000 times the amount of storage space of the very first microSD cards. It takes a few moments of reflection to realize how truly amazing that is, considering just how small those microSD cards actually are.

But, it’s happened – SanDisk has managed to cram 128 GB worth of storage onto the diminutive microSD card, doubling the previous high of 64 GB. This is pretty big news for tablet and smartphone owners who are still in the habit of using local storage instead of cloud storage or streaming media. 128 GB is good for 16 feature-length movies in 1080p or thousands of songs or photos. It’s great for extra app storage, too.

It’s also going to be great for those with high-end DSLR cameras who do a lot of shooting of 1080p video – not only is there going to be a huge storage increase, this is on the microSDXC standard, which has faster read/write speeds than normal microSD cards.

You can order new 128 GB microSDXC cards now for $200 each.

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