Satechi F1 is a Monitor Stand That Makes Sense

sms_main_with_imac_webSo, not all of us have desks and comfortable chairs. Some don’t have the funds for that kind of furniture, some just don’t have the space. So, there’s work to be done, and beds, couches, and coffee tables to do it on. Less than comfortable – the back is bent in ways that backs should not be bent.

Enter the Satechi F1 Smart Monitor Stand. It’s a stand with two aluminum legs that hold up your laptop or all-in-one – basically, anything under 22 pounds, which is pretty generous considering how light computers are now. Depending on what kind of surface you usually put your laptop on, it could help with ventilation, too.

The Smart Monitor Stand has a few extras – four USB ports, a headphone port, and a microphone port. Satechi is pretty clearly taking the Apple angle here – most of the photos on their sales page highlight just how ridiculously good their stand looks with iMacs, MacBooks, and iPhones. But, it’s good for anyone who needs a little height boost for their computer, and it’s pretty cheap – $30 straight from Satechi.

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