Simon Swipe Tries to Appeal to the Smartphone Generation

simonSimon is finally busting out into new frontiers. The old light-up game that gave kids everywhere their first taste of mortal fear of memory loss is being given a 21st century update, with a decided smartphone influence.

It actually seems like the new Simon will be a little harder. You have the same four lights, which you’ll have to remember in sequence, but there’s a new twist you’ll have to keep in mind. Each color is split into two lights – you might have to tap one, or swipe to cover both. If you tap the right color when you were supposed to swipe, well, back to the beginning. It should be a fun way to revitalize the old game that was probably in need of a little refreshing.

So, if you enjoyed the old Simon, you’ll probably relish the new challenge that Simon Swipe offers. Plus, it kinda looks like a steering wheel, so maybe that makes the game seem faster and more exciting or something. Anyway, once Simon Swipe hits this fall, it’ll still be just as affordable as ever at $20.