Hands-on with the Sony Alpha a6000

Sony is stepping up their camera game once again today, announcing the A6000, which is set to replace the very popular NEX-6.

The Alpha A6000 is a compact, lightweight, interchangeable lens camera that features some serious improvements over its predecessor. Once again, it’s a compact camera that seriously rivals larger DSLRs in quality and capabilities. For starters, you’ll find a 24.3 MP sensor and a BIONZ X image processor. The big improvement here is with the Hybrid AF system – there are now 179 focal points, and the auto-focus is fast enough to shoot at 11 frames per second in continuous shooting mode.

For instant sharing, the A6000 will also have Wi-Fi and NFC connectivity. Once connected, Smart Remote Control will let you use any paired devices as remote viewfinders and shutters. Those who want more options for editing photos right from the camera will be able to install some or all of Sony’s suite of PlayMemories apps.

Externally, the A6000 resembles the NEX-6 very closely in form-factor, but it’s a bit bulkier. You can see some comparison shots of the A6000 side by side with the NEX-6 in the gallery below.

The A6000 kit with 16-50mm motorized zoom lens will arrive in April at $799, and you can get just the body for $650. Furthermore, the pricing with the kit lens is actually $100 cheaper than the NEX-6’s original pricing, so Alpha A6000 users will be getting even a better value for updated specs.