Sol Republic Tracks Air Bluetooth Headphones Review

The Sol Republic Tracks Air are wireless bluetooth headphones done right. Sol Republic essentially turned their popular Tracks On-Ears into bluetooth headphones that boast a 15-hour battery, an unmatched range, NFC/bluetooth connectivity, and dual-device connectivity. It’s also hard not to love them for their unique appearance, colors, and unparalleled durability.

When it comes to design, it’s hard to top the Sol Republic Tracks. The Sol Republic headband is nearly indestructible, which is why there’s usually a 1000 day warranty on them. There’s just a standard one-year warranty on the Airs, as the headband now includes some technology. The Tracks Air is just a few pieces: two ear cups, a headband, and an optional cable. The ear cups are removable and the headband is interchangeable. One of the earcups has bluetooth connectivity, enhanced by NFC pairing, and it communicates to the other earcup by a metal contact built into the headband. It’s smart design work.

The earcups are round with donut shaped cushions. They’re quite comfortable, but like all on-ears, they could get uncomfortable with hours of wear. The earcups are a bit bigger than average and create a great seal that keeps music in and noise out. The headband is very flexible and has a soft cushioned underside.

The right ear speaker houses most of the technology, it communicates with the other speaker through contacts on the headband. The pairing and audio controls are housed on this speaker, as is the battery, micro-USB charging port, and the NFC for easy-breezy pairing. The bluetooth pairing is just as easy as pairing any other bluetooth device, but with NFC you can just tap your NFC-enabled device to sync devices. Nicely, the Air supports multi-device pairing so you can sync multiple devices and seamlessly switch off.

The battery is supposed to last for 15 hours, which is a lot. I use the Airs for a nice chunk of the day and the battery lasts a full week. Every time you turn them on, there’s a voice that announces the remaining battery life. Once the battery dies you can simply plug in the included cable and rock out the old fashion way, with wires.

Sol Republic managed to create a listening experience that’s equally as good wirelessly or wired. They even boast a wireless range of 150 feet. 150 feet may be a stretch, but we’ll admit the range was better than average. It looks like Sol Republic’s partner, Motorola, contributed to designing the wireless technology and the “A2 Sound Engine” that’s powering these headphones. The audio quality on the Airs is great, but it did take a bit to get used to. The audio experience was be a little bassier, louder, and wider then we’re accustom to. The bass is large and in charge; it’s pretty good about not overpowering the mids and highs, though it may happen depending on the track. There’s enough clarity and detail to hear the finer details of your music. The mids can get a tad muddy, but if you’re not a true audiophile, you wouldn’t care.

Considering there’s no microphone hanging in front of your mouth, phone calls worked amazingly with the Air’s built-in microphone. Callers reported great quality, as if we were using Apple’s inline microphone.

We found the Sol Republic Tracks Airs to be quite impressive bluetooth headphones. The design is great, both functionally and visually. The Airs a perfect example of what bluetooth headphones should be. Of course, it comes at a cost. Pricing out at $200, they’re a bit expensive, but can definitely pay for themselves. They are that much better than other bluetooth headphones. If you’re looking for a very true audio experience with a flat response, these may not be it, but if you’re looking for a really nice upgrade with some bass and oomph, these would be a great choice. The Sol Republic Tracks Air wireless bluetooth headphones are currently available from Amazon and come in blue, black, red, or white.

Buy it!

The Good: Easy to use and pair, Great design, Wireless or wired, 15 hour battery with battery reminders, Micro-USB charging, NFC pairing, Great range, Colors

The Bad: May be a little too bassy for some