Boogie Board Sync Review

Are you still using paper and a pen for taking notes? The Boogie Board Sync is going change that. While you may have tried, iPads and other tablets are just not that convenient for taking notes quickly and simply. This is where Boogie Board excels. And their newest product, the Sync 9.7, may just be the digital note-taking device you’ve been looking for  – and will help us save a few trees as well.

The Boogie Board is basically just an LCD screen that you can write on, either with the included stylus, or even with your fingernail. What makes it so natural to use is that resting your palm on the screen or touching it with your finger does not register, unlike on an iPad or similar tablet. Writing and drawing the on the Sync is as close as you can get to using paper and a pencil.

That said, there have been several Boogie Board models released over the past couple of years, but they all had one serious drawback, and that is that you couldn’t save your work. Not anymore, with the Sync 9.7 everything you write is saved, for up to about 1,000 pages!

Retrieving what you have written or drawn is simple. Just connect via bluetooth and all of it magically appears on the free app on your phone, tablet or PC. The app also works as a virtual whiteboard mirroring exactly what you are writing on the Sync. This can be especially useful if you were to connect your phone or tablet to a projector or monitor, allowing a large group to see what you are writing on the Boogie Board.

There are three buttons on the Sync, a “Power” on the edge of the device and then two on the face, “Save” and “Erase.” The “Save” button will save your progress, but will not clear the screen. Whereas the “Erase” button will clear the screen AND also save a copy of your work, just in case you did not intend to erase it. This will no doubt be an especially loved feature.

The Sync also functions as a mouse in Digitizer mode. This seemed like an exciting feature to us at first, however it was rather disappointing. First off, they want you to hold the stylus just off the surface and only touch the surface when you want to select something on screen. This is difficult to say the least. In addition, the connection and response time is slow and inconsistent.

In any case, one full charge should last you about a week of typical use. But even with the power off you can still write on the screen. The image will just stay there until it has enough power to erase and save it.


The Boogie Board Sync 9.7 is a very cool piece of tech. Unfortunately it may easily be overshadowed by the slew of more powerful tablets out there. But if you find yourself doing a lot of writing, note taking, scribbling, or drawing during the day, this device is ideal, especially at its price-point. It’s great for your kids to draw on and you will have all of their masterpieces instantly saved. Currently the Boogie Board Sync is selling for $79.

Buy it!

The Good: Natural and easy to use. Everything you write or draw is saved.

The Bad: Digitizer (mouse) function is buggy.

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