Cadillac CUE Gets Some Tweaks and Its Own App Store

Cadillac is officially keeping up with the 2014 trends on car tech. In addition to the inclusion of OnStar 4G LTE connectivity starting with 2015 models, Cadillac will be rolling out their very own app store with native apps for their infotainment system, Cadillac CUE.

Like with other cars, OnStar 4G LTE will require a separate data subscription through OnStar, but it’ll be perfect for all that streaming that will be possible on 2015 Cadillacs and beyond. The CUE Collection will bring native apps to Cadillac CUE, which will run without the need for a smartphone. These apps, which will initially include iHeartRadio, The Weather Channel, NPR, and Slacker Radio, will have limited touchscreen functionality, but will by and large rely on voice commands to function, as they’re being built ground-up with cars and drivers in mind.

There are also a couple of improvements in store for CUE itself this year. With the help of a Bluetooth connection, you’ll now be able to use CUE to read off texts you get on your smartphone though the car’s speakers. You’ll also be able to use voice commands to reply with preset messages – presets that can be stored when you’re not driving, of course. For Apple users, Siri Eyes Free will enable voice communication with Siri just by pressing the voice command button on the steering wheel.


GM has already made similar announcements regarding this year’s new Chevrolet models, with a native app store that will probably be getting the same apps, plus Beats Music. No word on whether or not Beats Music will appear in the CUE Collection, but even if it doesn’t, Slacker Radio and iHeartRadio will probably serve just as well. Either way, you can expect these Cadillac upgrades to be introduced in the 2015 ATS Coupe, among other as of yet unspecified models.

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