Element Case Rogue Black Ops Case for iPhone 5/5S Review

Over the years, Element Case has established a strong name in the iPhone market for their premium high-tech cases made of military grade materials. Until recently, most of their cases literally locked onto your iPhone, morphing it into a completely different phone. The Rogue Black Ops for iPhone 5/5S Case has a new twist, it locks on to your phone without the use of screws or a screwdriver. Plus, it’s one of the most durable cases out there.

Most Element Cases, like the Sector 5, are bumper cases that add a frame around the sides of your phone, with an optional backplate. The Rogue Black Ops case is an all-around case. It covers your entire iPhone, except the screen. This is most certainly one of the most protective and well built cases available. It’s appropriately labeled as a black ops case and even features an authentic gun grip by Hogue. The sides feature Element Case’s signature CNC machined aluminum.

Included with the Rogue Black Ops is a high quality tactical holster and also a belt clip that doubles as a viewing stand for your phone.

As expected the build quality is fantastic. Element Case impressed us with their locking mechanism on this one. This isn’t the type of case that just slips on. There’s four plastic wedges that slide into all four corners locking on the aircraft-grade side rails and securing the entire case. With the side rails removed, the gun grip backplate can be removed. iPhone pops in and out of the rubberized shell.

The Rogue Black Ops looks just as rugged as it is. You’d expect to see a case like this on the battle field. It was a great fit at the gym, surrounded by weights and grit.

Most Element Cases require some time to insert or remove iPhone. Luckily, the Rogue doesn’t require a screwdriver. It can be done a bit quicker too. The case is a tad thicker and heavier than your average case. It has a really nice grip and all of the buttons are easier-than-ever to access. There’s a nice large opening on the bottom of the case for the headphone and charging ports. The rubber has a bit of give so it should accommodate most chargers and headphone cables. It’s not going to fit on most docks.

The Rogue Black Ops case isn’t for everyone. It’s a great case for anyone looking for an extreme or ultra-durable design. It’s a real sportsman’s case. The Rogue is actually on the more affordable side of Element Cases, which is surprising because there’s a lot of quality pieces and it comes with both a belt clip and a tactical holster. The Rogue Black Ops is currently available from ElementCase.com for $99.95 and comes in black on black, OD green on black, gun metal on black, or tan on black.

Buy it!

The Good: Ultra durable, High quality materials, Includes belt clip and tactical holster, Great grip, Authentic Hogue gun grip, Colors

The Bad: Still expensive for an iPhone case, Plastic wedges are easy to lose and may not last, Process to get iPhone in and out, Won’t fit in most docks, Makes fingerprint access screen swipes difficult