Even Death Can Be Beautiful When it Comes to Game of Thrones

screenshot_2009Odds are spectacularly good that in any given Game of Thrones episode, a character you like is going to die. Death is a sure thing in Westeros (and Essos) – with apologies to the old saying, taxes just aren’t on that level. Well, season four kicks off on April 6, and that means a bunch more characters are probably going to die. Place your bets. In the meantime, get hyped with Beautiful Death, a death-a-day countdown with artistic flair.

Beautiful Death is a Tumblr featuring the grim, gorgeous work of one Robert M. Ball. Ball is putting up a new illustration per day – each one of one death per episode. There is one exception, by Ball’s admission – episode three of season one, in which, incomprehensibly, everyone survived to the final credits. The venerable tree-eyed crow does its best to look foreboding. But, besides that little hiccup, there’s plenty of blood (and a golden crown) to go around.

Each of the illustrations are highly stylized, with often symbolic representations of major (and minor) deaths, with a line from the show that ties the whole scene together. They’re all very well done, and they’ve inspired fan art that you can view per episode by clicking on one of the illustrations. You can check out all of season one’s illustrations and the first few from season two now – the rest, including a particularly red one, will be released every day until the season four premiere.