Microsoft Surface 2 Gets New Life with AT&T’s 4G LTE


The Surface 2 is getting a refresh today, with a brand new 4G LTE model hitting shelves, which will work with AT&T’s network.

As always when talking about the Surface, we’ll get this cleared up from the start – this is the ARM-powered, Windows RT 8.1 version of the Surface 2. It’s the pure tablet, with no desktop mode, as opposed to the hybrid tablet/laptop Surface Pro 2 that runs Windows 8.1. The Surface Pro 2, as of now, will not be getting a 4G LTE version.

The Surface 2 will have 4G LTE connectivity as an option, which you’ll be able to access by getting a plan through AT&T. You can add it to an existing Mobile Share plan for $10 per month, or buy monthly data in bunches separately – $15 for 250MB/month, $30 for 3 GB/month, or $50 for 5 GB/month. Either way, there won’t be subsidized pricing available – you’ll have to shell out the full cost of the 4G LTE Surface 2, and it isn’t cheap.

You can get the 4G LTE Surface 2 online or in Best Buy or Microsoft stores for $679 – that’s a big ask for something that is, ultimately, just a tablet, even if it is a high-end tablet. But, if you were interested in getting your hands on one before but were turned off by the lack of data connectivity, this is what you’ve been waiting for.