Plantronics Voyager Edge Gets the Job Done: Review

Make no mistake about it, Plantronics new Voyager Edge Bluetooth headset is direct competition for Jawbone’s recently released Era headset. Both headsets sport a similar feature set and price point, and are aimed at fashionistas and business men alike.

When it comes to design, the Voyager Edge is petite but not nearly as petite as the Jawbone Era. So while the Era can easily get lost in someone’s hair, the Voyager Edge – not so much. That said, the Voyager Edge’s design is still very sleek and it comes in a nice selection of three colors. It’s also moisture resistant and will repeal most liquids and sweat. When it comes to comfort, the headset excels and we could wear it for ours at a time without feeling pressure on our ears. Unfortunately we do feel that it could offer a tighter seal.

The headset is pretty intelligent too. The Voyager Edge automatically syncs to your contacts and it offers basic voice commands, so It will read a caller’s name out to you. To answer the call, you just say “Answer” to take the call or say “Ignore” to decline the call. This feature works really well. The headset also packs in responsive smart sensor technology that can redirect calls to your phone or headset, pause music for incoming calls, and automatically answer calls as you place the headset on your ear.

When it comes to audio and call quality, the Voyager Edge really excels. This is undoubtedly due to the fact that it has 3 tuned mics inside of it that offer enhanced noise canceling. We are impressed with how loudly and clear callers sound, even in noisy environments. And in general, callers have said the same of us. That said, there have been a few instances where we tested using the headset on a very crowded and very windy New York City street and the caller on the other end did struggle to hear us on and off. That said, the Voyager Edge still outperformed every other “fashion” type headset in its class.

Battery life on the Voyager Edge is limited to just 6 hours. This is more than the Jawbone Era’s 4 hour battery life, but we still wish it was longer. Luckily, the $129.99 price tag for the Voyager Edge includes a matching charging case that adds an additional 10 hours of battery life to the Voyager Edge. The charging case concept is very much appreciated, but it’s not a new concept either – the Jawbone Era also has an optional charging case. That said, the Voyager Edge come standard with one included. Checking the battery level on your headset or case is easy. All you have to do swipe your finger over the icons on the case to see the status indicator. The headset will also notify you verbally when the battery is running low.

Jawbone Era vs Plantronics Voyager Edge

When comparing its audio quality and noise reduction quality to the Jawbone Era, while the Jawbone Era is a very good headset, the Voyager Edge actually comes out on top for its call and audio experience. We also appreciate the additional battery life that the Voyager Edge provides. That said, we like that the Era offers a smaller size and more color choices for blending into your hair, so you can argue that the Era comes out on top when it comes to fashion and style.

In any case, it’s clear with such a strong product like the Voyager Edge that Bluetooth headsets have come a long way. To that effect, the Plantronics Voyager Edge is an excellent Bluetooth headset, we just wish the battery life was a bit better and that the device was a bit smaller. Plantronics Voyager Edge retails for $129 and is available in a choice of black, gray or white. It should be available to purchase soon.

The Good: Built in NFC, great call quality, very comfortable fit, music playback sounds surprisingly good for a mono ear piece, better battery life than its competition, comes with charging case, compatible with wideband audio for use with HD Voice-enabled smartphones, moisture resistant, very comfortable to wear, automatically syncs to your contacts

The Bad: Battery life could still be better, wish it were smaller in size, design feels a bit uninspiring

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  1. “not a new concept either – the Jawbone Era also has an optional charging case”
    Actually the Plantronics Discovery 925 and 975 came with a case which did charging. The Moto Elite also came with a case that did charging IIRC, though it was after the 975. I don’t recall anyone else doing that at the time, Regardless, Jawbone is a bit late to the party with this concept. I can tell you – it was very rare for me to lose my Plantronics headsets versus my Jawbone Era because if I didn’t have it on, it was in the case whereas I just set my Jawbone down on any horizontal surface. Am I the only one thinking the case for the Edge looks a bit… coffin-like?

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