Grush: An App Toothbrush Hybrid for Kids

Smartphone apps can make pretty much anything a game now. That includes brushing your teeth. Grush is a new app-toothbrush combo designed to make tooth brushing more fun for kids, so they will actually do it. And, let’s not kid ourselves, there are plenty of adults who could probably use Grush, too.

The toothbrush included can detect movements and where the toothbrush is in the mouth. This information is transmitted to the app, where kids can play any number of games. There are music-themed games and monsters to brush away, but the substance is always the same – you play by brushing. The smartphone can be put up on the mirror using a suction cup case, so toothbrush gaming stays hands-free, or hands-on-toothbrush.

Grush also uploads data about kids’ brushing habits, like time spent brushing, to cloud servers – parents can use an app to view that data and share it with dentists during the next visit. The Grush toothbrush and the accompanying games should be coming sometime this year, likely in the fall.