Meet the Knee Horsey – the Economical Alternative to the Rocking Horse

horseYou know, rocking horses take up a lot of room. Rocking horses are not going to beat out televisions and couches on the grand scale of priorities. Of course, without a rocking horse, you’re now running the risk of bilking your kid out of a childhood staple, and let’s please not bring those weird mechanical ones outside the grocery store into this.

As you may have surmised from the image, a compromise has been struck. Your knee is attached to your body, and is thus an unquestioned staple in your home of limited space. Thanks to the Knee Horsey, your knee is no longer a mere knee – it can instantly become your child’s stand-in horsey for their Western fantasies while they’re watching whatever today’s version of Roy Rogers is.

As for the horse head itself, the soft corduroy is a nice touch. It’s comfortable for everyone, and you don’t need to have a huge wooden horse taking up significant parts of your living space. To be honest, it’s probably more sustainable for your body than having your kid ride on your back, too. Basically, it’s a winner all around. You can rein in the Knee Horsey from Perpetual Kid for $50.

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