Yes! Someone Actually Made a Rubik’s Cube Jacket


Alright, so maybe calling it a Rubik’s Cube jacket is a little bit of a stretch, but hey! Multicolored squares, black borders, close enough. We’ll take it.

The jacket is a product of Etsy, and boy, does that vinyl look shiny. Fortunately for anyone interested, it doesn’t look especially difficult to put on. I think the difficulty curve involved with this one is actually pulling it off.


While I suppose this could be co-branded as a disco floor jacket, there is a real Rubik’s Cube tie-in – a few days ago was the 40th anniversary of the Rubik’s Cube, that accursed, beloved timesink. But, if you want this jacket, better jump on it – there’s only one available, size small, available from Etsy seller AmaZona Fashion. You’ll have to throw down $460 to get it, but hey – Rubik’s Cube, down filling, fleece lining. That’s a winner.

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