Samsung UD590 is a 28″ Monitor with 4K of Goodness

U28D590_005_Dynamic_BlackSamsung is shrinking down their 4k technology, and bringing it to market in monitor form. The UD590, Samsung’s upcoming 28” monitor, will have a good many of the features you’d find on their televisions, and it’s going to arrive sooner rather than later.

The UD590 has a 28” 4k (3840 x 2160) display, along with upscaling technology that makes non-4k content look a lot better than it used to. There’s also support for 1 billion colors and a 1 ms response time, so you should never be seeing any ghosting effects. Again, it’s much the same as Samsung’s colossal 4k televisions in terms of technology, so you should expect cutting edge here.

You can still get picture-in-picture with the UD590, and the monitor will not downscale either of the pictures running. The stand is very minimalist, and can be tilted up or down a few degrees, although not as much as perhaps a lot of other monitors you might find out there.

The Samsung UD590 can be pre-ordered now for $700. Also this month, you’ll find the SD590 and SD390, both of which are 1080p monitors that will come in 23.6” and 27” options. The SD590, with the same pretty new stand as the UD590, will be a little more expensive – $270 and $330, while the SD390 monitors will be the cheapest options, at $250 and $310.