Slip Stopper Turns Your iPhone into a Window Cling: Review

Slip Stopper

iPhone not grippy enough? That’s where Slip Stopper comes in. Slip Stopper is an adhesive skin for the back of your iPhone. As you can imagine, it adds grip and puts an end to slipping. More impressively, the gel skin mirrors the appearance of iPhone’s back and gives it a more 3D and rounded appearance.

Slip Stopper is simply a gel skin for the back of iPhone. The 3M patented adhesive leaves no stick residue, and the skin can be removed and reapplied. This glossy back is designed to blend in. It’s made in the same iPhone space gray, gold, and silver colors. There’s an Apple shaped cutout on the back of Slip Stopper so you can still show off iPhone’s iconic badge.

Slip Stopper allows you to place iPhone on slippery surfaces and inclined surfaces and not worry about slipping and sliding. On a smooth surface, it can be incredibly sticky. With a firm press onto a glass surface, you’ll have to put some real effort into picking up your device. It’s so sticky that you can stick iPhone to any glass window and have it stick there for an extended period of time (no guarantees though, this can be dangerous!). We’ll leave it to you to discover the best use for this stickiness.

Slip Stopper also adds a bit of grip to a relatively slippery phone. It’s not sticky feeling, nor does it have trouble being removed from your pocket. Slip Stopper adds some protection, but that’s definitely not it’s purpose. It keeps iPhone’s back safe from scuffs and scratches, but it’s not going to protect much against drops. Nicely, there’s an anti-shatter screen protector included that’s capable of withstanding strikes from a hammer. It will keep your screen safe, uncracked, and unscratched. There’s still no side or edge protection.


Pricing in at $19.99, Slip Stopper is a fun way to add some curves to iPhone’s slender appearance. If you like a minimalistic iPhone, and you like the look of a naked iPhone, Slip Stopper is a neat add-on to get a little more value out of your phone. Grippiness is good. Slip Stopper is currently available from slipstopper.com. The included anti-shatter screen protector makes it an even better deal for the price.

The Good: Neat appearance, Ultra sticky on smooth surfaces, Easy to apply, Leaves no residue, Reusable

The Bad: Provides little protection, Not as grippy as most cases

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