TARDIS Backpack is Begging to Be Stolen

tardis backpackOne would hope that, upon seeing this backpack, covetous eyes would just go online and get their own. But, others might go all Highlander on you, wanting to be the only one with such an excellent piece of backpack merch. Caution is advised.

The TARDIS backpack actually comes in two styles – good old grade school style and a lighter knapsack. I’d say that one is more spacious than the other, but I doubt you’ll be wanting for space inside one of these. You know how TARDISes (TARDES? TARDII?) are. Someone needs to sort out that nomenclature, by the way. Turning acronyms into nouns is just the worst for this kind of thing.

Anyway, I’m thinking the knapsack would go solid with a tweed coat. Just throwing that out there. The TARDIS knapsack is on Big Bad Toy Store for $36, while the backpack is selling for $45. Both are scheduled to ship out in June – well in advance of back-to-school shopping season.


Tardis backpack