Tesla Model S Goes on Record Breaking 12,183 Mile Road Trip

screenshot_77Talk about a proof of concept – Recargo, the people behind the PlugShare app that finds recharging stations for electric cars, has attempted to prove that electric cars really are viable in the United States by completing a 24-day road trip spanning 28 states, something that just might land them in the Guinness Book of World Records.

The Epic Electric American Road Trip, as it was dubbed, came to a successful close yesterday, as Recargo managing director Norman Hajjar rolled into Venice, CA, ending a 12,183-mile trip. The record in question would be longest ever trip taken by a 100% electricity-powered vehicle, which is in the verification phase. Either way, it’s quite a statement for the electric car – not just that it can hold up through heavy use and long distances, but that there are enough charging stations across the nation to even make the trip possible.

It was also a great showcase for the charging stations themselves. Built by Tesla, the Supercharger stations can completely charge a Tesla Model S – good for 250 miles – in 30 minutes. And, yeah, while that’s still probably too long to be practical for most, it shows that the basic infrastructure for electric cars is there, and it can be improved. More than anything, the road trip suggests that continued investment in popularizing the electric car in the United States is worth it. Not a bad achievement for a road trip.


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