10 Surprise Freebies You Get with the Samsung Galaxy S5

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You’ve probably heard loads by now about why Samsung’s self-styled Next Big Thing is the next big thing. The Samsung Galaxy S5 itself is one of the top phones on the market – there’s a reason Samsung has been leading in United States smartphone sales lately. The specs were talked up, but the Galaxy Perks flew under the radar a little bit – probably because when someone starts to talk about preloaded software, everyone else tends to tune out. But, the Perks are worth a listen – collectively, they come close to a $600 value, and there are enough goodies here to virtually guarantee that you’re going to find something of use. Preloaded software that you actually don’t want to get rid of – what an idea!



Bitcasa is one of the better cloud storage services out there, providing storage and access to your files from a range of devices, mobile or otherwise, along with file encryption to keep things secure. With the S5, you get three months of Bitcasa’s premium service at the 1 TB tier, which comes out to $30. If you’ve been looking for a reliable place to store all your digital stuff, here’s a good place to start.

Cut the Rope 2

Cut the Rope 2, compared to the rest of its freemium brethren, is not that stingy with the power-ups. So, you might find yourself never forking over cash to support your Cut the Rope addiction. But, there’s nothing wrong with throwing away the $15 worth of in-app credits you get with the S5 so you can make sure that one level doesn’t ruin your day again.


You might not get as much free storage here as you would with Bitcasa, but it’ll last longer, and you’ll get the benefits of Dropbox’s API, which has found its way into many, many third party utility apps over the years. With the S5, you’ll get 50 GB of storage for free for two years, which comes out to $100 you won’t be spending. Chances are you probably already use Dropbox, even if you don’t have a paid description, so you might as well get more out of it.



While Google Now still tries to find its way to being a comprehensive digital assistant, EasilyDo could fill in nicely. EasilyDo is a planner, where you can keep track of birthdays and events, and keep travel plans and documents in one place. You can also set reminders and alerts, and the app can tell you exactly when you should leave your house to get to where you need to go on time. With the S5, you’ll get 6 months of the pro version of the app for free, which amounts to $30.


Another app that you’ve probably given at least a glance or two, Evernote is one of the top note-taking apps available. Stepping up to their premium service unlocks offline notebooks, real-time collaboration, presentations, passcode locks for extra security, and a stronger search engine that can work with PDFs, among other features. You can get three months of that premium service for free with the S5, which comes out to $15.


Lark does personal well-being and fitness, but not like Fitbit or other trackers do. Instead of tracking your steps and distance traveled, the app pops in and asks you a few conversational questions every now and again about your activity. Depending on how you answer, the app will give you fitness tips, like reminding you to actually get up and move around if you’ve been sitting for too long. You’ll get a whole year’s worth of Lark for free with the S5, which is normally $36.


Three months of LinkedIn’s premium service will be yours with the purchase of an S5, which amounts to $75. That premium service will let you directly message any LinkedIn user, along with giving you more search results and a profile organizer for your contacts. You can see who has been checking you out (professionally, of course) with Who’s Viewed Your Profile. But, you know all you want out of LinkedIn premium is the little gold badge. Admit it.

Milk Music


Which streaming music service is this one, again? Oh, right, it’s Samsung’s! Granted, Milk Music was free at launch, but that’s changing now. Milk Music’s free, ad-free days are over, as ads are moving in to the free version. A $4 premium version is being introduced that keeps the ads away, and you’ll get a year’s worth of that if you get the S5. Of course, getting the S5 is pretty much the only way you’re getting Milk Music, anyway – it’s exclusive to Samsung Galaxy devices.



RunKeeper, true to its name, keeps track of your runs. With the free version, you’ll have access to your basic stats and GPS tracking of your routes, but the app gets really interesting when you move up to the Elite version. There, you’ll be able to chart your stats over time, use the full version of RunKeeper’s Goal Coach, compare workouts with others, and share your workouts over social media. You’ll get six months of that for free with the S5, which is $20 you won’t have to pay.

The Wall Street Journal

Not much to talk about here – the Wall Street Journal is a newspaper with loads of digital content. By now, you either read it or you don’t. If you do, you’ll probably enjoy getting six months worth of subscription fees ($138) removed courtesy of your S5 purchase. And, if you’ve been using their app but don’t want to deal with the article limits, you can take advantage of those six months to get unlimited access.

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  1. The S5 is a great phone, however all those apps they have put in it to drive up the cost, just makes it so expensive that most people can’t afford it.