Got a Headache? 5 Migraine Technologies to the Rescue

Migraines strike like the Yeti, fiercely and inexplicably. However, they have proven to be far more common than Yeti sightings, with 1 in every 4 households having a family member who suffers from migraines. With such a common problem, what technological options are out there, apart from medication?

Here are few attainable choices for finding relief and preventing the agony that is migraines.



647497-22151764-ba35-11e3-a30e-7fa6d7d0bb68This headband made a splash in the media recently. However, it’s abilities were greatly overstated. It does not treat migraines in progress. Think of it more like a vitamin. You take them daily and hope they will prevent something eventually. Cefaly is meant to be used 20 minutes a day. You can also use that time to bend others to your will due to the fact that you are wearing a future-like tiara. It stimulates the supraorbital nerve. Regular use was shown to reduce the number of migraines the test subjects had. It did not remove them. At $400 some may feel that is a small price to pay to avoid any migraine. See Cefaly for more information.


cEEG Neuro Feedback

imgTrain your brain with video games and prevent migraines. No, really! It is almost Jedi-like but it works for a lot of people. It’s not just any video game though. You are hooked up to an EEG by small electrodes placed specifically for your needs by a trained technician. These only receive information. They do not send any or control you in anyway. Then you either play a game or watch a movie. As you do this it is programmed to reward optimal brainwave patterns. This simple exercise that last 30-45 minutes over multiple sessions somehow contributes to less migraines. The brain is an amazing thing isn’t it? Of course it does not work for all people. If you do pursue this, only do so with a licensed technician, and not some guy in a garage with a video game.

Now let’s take a look at some of the tech out there to help sooth your symptoms during a migraine attack. You may feel like your head is being backed over by a truck, but there are symptomatic relief options that can make your endurance a little easier.


 OSIM uCrown 2


Although it looks like a rejected Storm Trooper’s helmet, this massager uses air pressure, magnets, vibrations and even gentle heat to sooth your noggin. When suffering from a tension headache or even a sinus pain, it can feel very nice to have a gentle releasing head massage, which this tries to recreate. It can be programmed for specific acupuncture pressure points, is super portable, operating off batteries, and even has a timer capability for when you fall asleep with your tongue hanging out because you are so relaxed. Of course, Brookstone  carries it.


Portable Oxygen


Yeah, Oxygen bars are soooo 90’s but they were fun weren’t they? Many migraine sufferers find relief in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber. However, that is very hard to find, get to in time with a migraine, and pay for. That’s why others have, after consulting with a physician, turned to hand held devices for a quick oxygen breather. These are pretty inexpensive and easy to implement.


Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation

This may initially appear similar to the above mentioned Cefaly, but it differs in one major area. It can only be used after the headache has begun. You must hold it up to your head, where it then releases a pulse of energy, zeroing in on the occipital cortex. That area has always been a prominent suspect for causing migraines. Targeting it can reduce or even stop the migraine. Sounds like magic. The catch? It is only available on a prescription basis and may be hard to find since it is in an “investigatory” stage right now as mentioned here. We hope to see more of it soon.