Who Knew Beach Balls Could Make Great Lights

Summer’s just a shade over a month away, which means it’s past time you started getting excited. Some new lights from TOBYhouse should get you in the mood – they’re LED lights fashioned out of beach balls, and they look perfect for bringing a little bit of the beach home with you.

The Beach Ball Lights are honest-to-goodness inflatable beach balls, just with LED lights tucked inside. So, you’ll get the glow no matter which way the ball is facing, but there is a transparent window that lets light shine fully, in case you actually need light and not just ambiance.


You can buy Beach Ball Lights as ceiling-hung lamps or floor lamps – with the latter, you’ll get a little stand that keeps the beach ball from rolling away. They’re a little pricey at £90 (roughly $150), but they look like a pretty fun way to brighten up the place and chase out the last remnants of winter.