Beats Releases Next Gen Solo2

Lots of changes going down over at Beats this year — a refresh to their Studio headphones, new ownership, and now a refresh of their Solo line of headphones. The newest Apple property is bringing its whole slate of headphones current with the new Beats Solo2 headphones – they might look largely unchanged, but get them while you can, because it’s a good bet that the next Beats headphones will look much, much different.

The Solo2 headphones represent more of a tweak than an overhaul. The frame is slightly more curved than the originals and the ear cups are more inverted, which should make for a more comfortable fit. Speaking of comfort, the pads on the earcups are now lined with heat-dissipating material, because hot beats aren’t supposed to be literal. As for sound, the Solo2 headphones should still stay true to their bass-heavy, hip hop-friendly nature, but Beats is promising that they’ll be more balanced this time around, with the bass not drowning out the mid-range and high notes.

The changes are incremental, for sure – if you already own a pair of Solo headphones, and they’re still alive and kicking, it’s probably not imperative to upgrade. If you’ve been thinking about getting a pair of Beats, the Solo2 headphones should reward you for waiting. All that said, if you’re in love with the current Beats design, better get on it now – not only has Apple purchased Beats, but they’ve taken over the design of the brand, too. It’s a safe bet that whatever Beats come in the future will look much more like Apple. I’m pretty sure it works the same way as Borg assimilation.

You can preorder the Solo2 headphones now, but they’ll be in stores on June 1, so you won’t need to wait long either way. They cost $200 and come in black, white, red, blue, grey, and pink.