The Pack from Blueflame is the Perfect Commuter Backpack: Review

There’s nothing like a small backpack for everyday use. BlueFlame’s “Pack” Technical Commute Backpack is exactly what it sounds like, a safe haven for transporting all your techie gear. This small backpack is designed to safely store a 13″ laptop, a tablet, and enough stuff for an overnight getaway.

Surprisingly, this is accessory manufacturer BlueFlame’s first backpack. It’s impressive, both visually and functionally. It’s a small backpack with a bit of depth. There’s a tough exterior covered in a reflective black patterned fabric. There’s enough rigidity and cushion in the exterior to help the Pack maintain it’s rectangular form.

Holy compartments, there’s a lot. On the front of the backpack is a large flap that’s sealed to the bottom with magnets. There’s a zippered pocket built into this flap. Underneath the flap is a few easy access dividers for more stuff (it’s a good spot to throw your sunglasses and battery packs). There’s an extra zippered pocket lower down on the front.

The straps are thick and well cushioned. They’re also configurable–you can easily turn the backpack into a one strap sling by clipping the opposite sides of the strap together and hiding the extra pieces in the back pocket. You can even hide both straps and just use the handle. On the left strap there’s a dual pocket that folds out. It’s a little strange, but it’s the safest pocket you have since it’s always in front of you. It’s sized for a small phone or some cash.

As an everyday subway commuter, I’ve come to love small backpacks. I have a decent amount of tech (laptop, tablet, portable chargers, cables, headphones) and other stuff (umbrella, gym clothes) that I’m usually trekking to and from work. The Pack is comfortable and minimalistic. There’s a number of dividers and compartments, which helps maintain safety and order. On the inside there’s a couple of loose pockets, a 13″ laptop compartment, and sleeve behind that for documents, tablet, or anything else relatively flat. There’s a ton of pockets, but Pack could benefit from a few more organizer pockets on the inside. The only other gripe we had is that the little pockets have little zippers that can be finicky.


The Pack is gender-neutral in design, though guys might find it a tad too shiny. We love all of the pockets to choose from. You have to choose wisely, because putting something too big in a small pocket can make The Pack bulge in random spots. The 13″ laptop pocket is unique; it doesn’t rest directly on your back, there’s a large divider in between. This might be one of the safest backpacks out there for your laptop. The Pack, by BlueFlame, retails for $99.99 at BlueFlameGear.com, but you can find it on Amazon.com for as low as $85.98.

Good: Lots of compartments, Well padded, Configurable straps, Magnet flap for easy access, 13″ laptop pocket, Durable, Lightweight

Bad: Small pockets have finicky zippers, Using small pockets can create awkward looking protrusions, Could use more organizer pockets on inside