Bose SoundTrue Headphones Review: A Classic, Gets a Facelift

Can you make a classic pair of headphones cool again? Well, Bose is certainly hoping so with their latest crop of colorful Bose SoundTrue on-ear headphones. With a fresh new look, the SoundTrue headphones have replaced the older and more conservative Bose OE2i and AE2i headphones. These headphones, on the other hand, are more vibrant than its predecessors, and they offer a shot of personality, as they are clearly trying to capture a younger audience that may have been lured over to shinier looking competitors.

Bose prides itself on being the originators of authentic sounding headphones. So fortunately, while the SoundTrue on-ear style headphones look a little more glam than Bose’s usual fare, Bose hasn’t sacrificed looks for sound. To that effect, the audio is super crisp and loud, and the highs and mids are the leaders with these headphones. Much like the original, the soundstage is wide and also allows you to hear the crackle of the faintest note. However, they aren’t as balanced as we would have expected them to be. And while the music sounds authentic and lifelike, the highs at times can be piercing, while the mids get lost in the shuffle. Overall, the bass is nice and warm and not overbearing. However, for those looking for more thud, you should probably look elsewhere.

Unfortunately, we are a little disappointed with the construction of the SoundTrue headphones. The design feels flimsy, and while it is extremely portable because of its size and its ability to collapse, we’re not sure how long they will actually last with heavy use. That said, the headphones are very lightweight and super comfortable to wear – even when listening to music for long periods of time. The in-line remote works well too, but callers will be able to hear you clearer, if you hold the mic up to your mouth. To that effect, when I left the headphone cable dangling, I was told that I sounded further away during calls. However, this is a common occurrence amongst most headphones with a wired mic.


In the end, the Bose SoundTrue headphones is a nice and relatively affordable addition to the traditional Bose black and silver headphones. The new colors add a bit of personality to Bose’s lineup, but are still conservative enough to not alienate Bose purists. They are also super lightweight and very comfortable to wear. The overall sound is clean and crisp too, and we really appreciate how authentic everything sounds.

Unfortunately, while we aren’t thrilled with how much sound leaks from the SoundTrue headphones, and the construction is weaker than we would like, the SoundTrue’s audio experience is still a winner here and offers a great experience at this price-point. The headphones retail for  $179.99 and are available in a choice of black, white, mint or mint/black or mint/purple, and they are available as on-ears or over-ears.

The Good: Very comfortable and lightweight, very realistic sounding audio with crisp highs, easily portable, fun new color choices, carrying case included.

The Bad: Iffy build quality, highs can be piercing at times, high amount of sound leakage, would like to see even more color choices.

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