SCORE!! Britto Barbie Celebrates the World Cup

britto barbieThe 2014 World Cup kicks off in a little over a month, and with Brazil hosting this year, it’s pretty obvious what’s required – a new Barbie, clearly.

Romero Britto, a neo-pop artist, has offered his take on Barbie, giving her a bright, colorful dress filled with Brasil, hearts, and soccer. Those three seem to go together nicely. With the heels, dress, and sunglasses, Barbie doesn’t like she’s going to get out on the pitch anytime soon – though I wouldn’t put it past her – but the green athletic knee socks and the soccer ball she has with her show that she’s in spirit and ready to go for next month.

She’s also got her platinum blonde hair done up nice and swept to the side, which I hope doesn’t get messed up too much if she goes in for any headers. Anyway, it’s Brazilian soccer Barbie, and she looks as great as ever, and she should probably join your collection. The Britto Barbie is going for $25 straight from – where else? – Barbie Collector.


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